Top 5 food experiences!

1. Ice cream from Patagonia in Queenstown, New Zealand. I had the passionfruit and my knees trembled with every wonderfully creamy, intensely fruity mouthful.

2. Cambodian chicken amok. I had this traditional curry when volunteering at an orphanage in the south east Asian country and it was incredibly delicious - though it is normally made with fish. Served in a banana leaf, it was mild and full of flavour.

3. Fergburger! Again in Queenstown, this famous eatery always has queues running out onto the pavement and for good reason. The fantastically diverse menu is reasonably priced and the burgers are huge. Go for the "cockadoodle oink".

4. All you can eat barbeque in Sydney. I can't remember exactly which restaurant I had this in, which may not be particularly useful, but I had some of the most succulent and deliciously flavoured steak I've ever had there, as well as barbequed pineapple. All for a bargain price of 12 Australian dollars.

5. The last great food experience was appropriately enough my last meal during a three and a half month round the world trip. It was a breakfast of french toast with maple syrup and fruit salad on a chilly San Francisco morning, at a tiny bistro that spilled out on to the pavement. Heaven.


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