Almost There

The end of the month is nigh and now seems an appropriate time to reflect on the last few weeks and on the objective of posting something every day for October. I have written, however briefly, about trash TVmobile phonesAndy Warholthings I likethings I don't likecemeteries and of course chocolate.
I have added snaps from my phone of things that have made me smile and videos of things that have made me laugh. What started as more of an exercise in self-discipline and achieving a goal, however small, has become a way of thinking about, and seeing things, in a different way.
Every man and his dog seems to blog these days and I'm all too aware of the information overload that can come with the Internet, which is partly why most of the blog posts are fairly bite-size.
If just one other person has enjoyed reading the blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it, that's enough.
In the meantime, here are some other rather nice blogs and websites I've stumbled across on the way...


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