It's birthday time once again (this time that of my mummy) and of course there must be cake, namely Nigella's old-fashioned chocolate cake. It is ridiculously easy to make (everything can just be whizzed up in a food-processor) and, while I haven't actually had a slice yet, the crumbs I have snaffled were certainly tasty, reminding me of those cocoa-rich bourbon biscuits. I used one larger tin (I think around nine inches) instead of two, cutting the cake in half when cooled, and went for a standard butter-icing instead of a chocolate one - dyed a fantastically gaudy pink. Though the icing seemed to split a little (adding fridge-cold milk was my mistake I think) it is still reliably delicious. 
As if that wasn't enough, I decorated the cake with Ferrero Rocher, still in their gleaming wrappers -  a little impractical maybe for eating but I wanted their golden glow against the pink icing for some bolstering birthday bling. This is the FabergĂ© of cakes...


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