Cemetery Stroll

It's an obvious statement to make, but sometimes you need to take a moment, perhaps in the middle of the day, to unwind a little, to reflect, to have a little peace and quiet. It's perhaps a less obvious suggestion to do so in a cemetery. 
Far from being morbid, taking a lunchtime or post-work stroll through a cemetery, especially when the paths are appropriately strewn with fallen leaves, can bring a strangely satisfying sense of calm. 
It can also help remind us, however briefly, that life is impermanent, that we need to appreciate the little things when we can. To once again quote Lonely Planet's wee book happy
"No matter what we do, no matter what we leave behind, time sweeps on: one day, we'll all be dust."
Without being melancholic, it's worth remembering this every now and then, to accept, as happy continues to advise, "the inevitable truth that nothing lasts - and savour the peace that comes with it."
Even if doing so in a cemetery is a little morose for some, it's still worth taking that short stroll, if you can. 
You might even, like I did today, see some squirrels (always entertaining but sadly not pictured below) and though I suspect they were looking for      nuts and not a sense of calm, they will one day, be dust too.


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