Chocolate Week: Sweet Memories

Just hearing the word chocolate can make you have all kinds of thoughts. Aside from favourite kinds or brands - their tastes and textures - thinking about it can, like songs, stir up childhood memories and associations you might have forgotten.
Eclairs (the chocolate-centred toffee ones) remind me of my granny; chocolate-covered turkish delight of my dad; Ferrero Rocher and Walnlut Whips of my mum; and Tunnock's teacakes of my older brother. White chocolate buttons remind me of the time I tried to melt some in the microwave, still in their foil packet, unaware that metal and microwaves don't really mix. (I was about nine years old to be fair). A paparazzi-like flash and some probably burnt chocolate soon taught me a little about the laws of physics.
The idea of chocolates or sweeties as thought-provokers has, for this post, been sort of pilfered from food writer Nigel Slater, who brilliantly explores the concept in his excellent autobiography Toast and in the BBC programme Nigel Slater: Life is Sweets (shown again recently and currently available on iplayer).
So perhaps have a think about your own sweet memories, you might be surprised what effects chocolate really can have.
If thinking about chocolate doesn't bring anything up, you could always try and eat some of course, did you know it boosts memory? An excuse to eat it if ever there was one (not that you need one, of course)...


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