Early Bird

It is often a struggle to get up in the morning.
Having to kick the warmly comforting duvet away, when you want to bury yourself under it, and prepare for work can almost feel like an infliction of torture. It can be especially difficult as we head into winter, when even the sun seems to struggle to get itself up. But there are days when, armed with a vat of tea, you're glad you were able to crawl out of bed, pull the curtains open and you managed to catch a glimpse of a gorgeously glowing sky. Not a bad start to the day.
It's a little clich├ęd, and there is certainly no shortage of sunrise pictures floating around, (I included one on a recent post) but I never cease to be amazed at the ways the sky can light up and fill with colour. It almost makes getting up at 7am worthwhile. Almost.


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