Words - Part Two

I am taking a break from city life and having a wee holiday in my home town, Wick, in the far north of Scotland. As a sort of extension of an earlier post, here are some of my favourite words and phrases from home, mostly taken from The Caithness Dictionary, written by Iain Sutherland - who just so happens be my granddad:

gushel - to mishandle; a clumsy person (You are a gushel)

weet cloot - wet cloth (Have you got a weet cloot?)

fousome - dirty, unsavoury (This place is fousome)

chiel - man (Who is that chiel?)

clarter - to plaster, cover (I was clartered in mud)

hirple - to limp (I saw her hurpling in the street)

oxter - armpit (I have sweaty oxters)


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