The Pursuit of Happiness

It is often the simpler things in life from which we take pleasure, and if you are able to recognise those things or moments, however small and trivial it might seem, count yourself lucky. Taking the time to appreciate a perfectly made cup of tea clutched in a favourite mug, the look of sun-dappled leaves or even the sound of scissors slowly snipping their way through thick paper, can all too easily be missed. But it is these little things that can make daily life, if not easier, then certainly more interesting and pleasurable, however briefly. Something like these baby squash, bought from the supermarket seem to bring an odd sense of pleasure. Reminiscent of Dutch still lifes, their tiny globular bundles and subtly beautiful markings herald the arrival of autumn and thoughts of golden-lit fields, comforting soups and Hallowe'en - although carving them could be tricky and it seems almost a shame to chop them up and roast (a bit pathetic, I know). It probably sounds absurd to some people that something like this could bring any sense of pleasure, but I love the introductory line in the Lonely Planet book Happy:

One word, nine letters, roughly seven billion definitions, 
one for each person on the planet." 


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