As someone who writes, however infrequently, I have (and I think always have had) a love of words and language. This is of course a given, or expected from a writer, but I think it's worth being reminded of every so often, especially during the moments when I wonder what to do with my life and think about what I really enjoy.
In primary school I loved to read and write stories and was told in high school that I had a flair for language.
The little rhymes and cryptic clues were what I oddly enjoyed most about the action films Jumanji and Batman Forever. And it is the infinitely quotable lines of Pride and Prejudice (BBC production) and Withnail and I that makes me watch them over and over again.
If I were to choose one of the best ever inventions or a "desert island item," it would have to be a pen and paper. Other inventions themselves can start out with a blank sheet and writing implement, as of course can poetry, plays, novels and accounts of foreign places, not to mention another favourite pastime - doodling.
Typewriters are a bit special too - their clicking keys sounding out from a more humble time, somehow forging a connection with the words they stamp out that is stronger than that of today's laptops, tablets and smart phones.
While technology and language evolve (and it's important to move forward with them) it's nice to be able to look back a little bit at how things started out and changed.
I was lucky enough to have just been given an old typewriter (which I suppose have become trendily vintage recently) as a birthday present and look forward (and back?) to stamping out my own words, quotable or not. At the very least, it'll be a reminder of what I love.


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