In The Mood For Food

I don't think you can really get into a Christmas mood until December, despite flurries of snow, the decorations that have been up for weeks and festive frippery in the shops. But it is hard not to be tempted by the food of the season, as thoughts turn to mulled wine, warm cider, leftover turkey and cranberry sandwiches and things to make for edible presents. Consequently, I couldn't resist buying this baby panettone (from Lidl for just 99p), with its own ribbon-handled box, to have for breakfast with a cup of coffee. It's delicious as it is, but I wonder what it would be like toasted. Any leftovers (from a bigger-sized loaf) would be great to use in a bread and butter pudding or for something like Nigella's Italian Christmas pudding cake.
Although the panettone is of course associated with Italy (it originated in Milan and is often served with a sweet wine, liqueur or some mascarpone) the sweet bread is popular in Germany, Switzerland and Portugal, and is a Christmas-time staple in South America.
I am grateful for this chocolate variation owing to my prejudice against things that contain dried fruit (specifically raisins) when they have no business doing so. Anyway, what isn't improved by the addition of chocolate?


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