Taking Stock

Discovered this idea here and thought it was an interesting way of thinking about things and worth doing every now and then.
Copy and paste the list from here if you want to give it a go.

Making : naan pizzas
Cooking : with friends.
Drinking : tea, lattes, hot water and lemon.
Reading: Nigella Lawson's Feast
Wanting: to go to Paris.
Looking: at the nice front doors of West End buildings.
Playing: tennis and the Wordment game on my phone.
Wasting: time playing Wordament.
Fixing: nothing.
Deciding: nothing - I'm very indecisive. Or am I..?
Wishing: I could afford to go travelling again.
Enjoying: when the weather's sunny and crisp.
Waiting: for a sore throat to go away.
Liking: frosty leaves on the ground.
Wondering: why I sneeze so much.
Loving: being in bed with tea, food and TV.
Pondering: Louise Bourgeois works on display at The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
Considering: joining a gym.
Watching: trash TV (and University Challenge!)
Hoping: it won't be rain over the weekend.
Marvelling: at the sky.
Needing: a holiday.
Smelling: a scented candle (through a blocked nose).
Wearing: big jumpers.
Following: more people on Twitter
Noticing: the sunlight in the morning.
Knowing: that this takes longer than I thought.
Thinking: too much.
Admiring: a mint green Nissan Figaro.
Buying: a new tennis racket.
Getting: used to the new racket.
Colour - A Journey by Victoria Alexander.
Opening: a jar of Marshmallow Fluff to eat with a spoon.
Giggling: at lines in Downton Abbey.
Feeling: at the moment, to quote Withnail & I: "like a pig shat in my head."


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