We probably say it every time, but where did the year go? Coming to the end of anything (a book, a film, a trip away) inevitably makes you reflect and think - about what you did, where you went, who you met and what you achieved. My short term memory seems to be a bit lax (I can repeat word-for-word the theme tune of a programme I watched when I was seven, but ask me what I did last week and I'd struggle to tell you) and so looking back on a whole year would almost certainly involve a few blanks.
For me 2013 was a mostly happy, hazy mix of sun, sport, friends and fizz.
Spring brought with it a move to a new flat and a weekend away with friends.
Summer brought a heatwave, wild swimming, two trips to London (for Muse and for Wimbledon) and copious bottles of prosecco.
Autumn brought crisp, blue-skied days playing tennis and an assault on this previously neglected blog.
Winter has brought cold nights, spectacular sunsets but no snow.
While there will always be the promise of something exciting (or an idea of it) in the New Year, I don't think too much emphasis needs to be put on its festivities - I've spent Hogmanays dancing on tables in Cambodia; getting toasty by a bonfire; staying at a Travelodge after a funeral; and launching glowing lanterns into the sky; and everyone has their own ideals of where to "bring in the bells" and what a new year means.
As far as resolutions go, if I make any I think they should be small and achievable (sometimes laughably so - last year mine was to buy new pillows). I do however, like this suggestion for a kind of resolution / project - to take a photo every day for a year. Not all that original, maybe, but it would be fun and I think it would make you look at things differently in order to get an interesting shot (I seem to want to take photos of everything and anything recently anyway). It would certainly make looking back on 2014 easier...

Whatever your plans, be they curling up in bed with a good book and hot drink, partying the night away or quietly sipping whisky around a bonfire, have a Happy Hogmanay and all the best for 2014.


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