Taking Stock (2)

An abbreviated second "stock-take."

Making: millionaire shortbread.
Drinking: tea, though it must be nearly time for mulled wine.
Eating: pretty much all of the millionaire shortbread.
Reading: The Fountainhead
Wanting: to finish it before it's due back at the library.
Looking: at wreaths and leather things at the Christmas market.
Playing: tennis. Inside and outside, under surprisingly sunny skies. And Christmas songs on the ukulele.
Wasting: time playing around with the templates / colours of this blog.
Noticing: painted signs on the pavement.
Fixing: the thermostat - basically know everything about central heating now.
Enjoying: being in bed with a hot water bottle.
Watching: Liberty of London on Channel 4.
Listening: to this and this
Wishing: I didn't have to work around Christmas and New Year.
Marvelling: at the pretty cool sunsets.
Wearing: tightly-wrapped scarves.
Feeling: Christmassy. 
Admiring: Nigella's courtroom quips.
Buying: birthday and Christmas presents.
Getting: immersed in second-hand book shops.
Thinking: about next year.


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