The Joy of...Being in Bed

I am writing this from possibly one of the best places in the world.
You may well be reading this from it too.
It is where you (most of the time) start the day and end the night.
It is where you dream of being - when away from it for too long - warm and at ease; it is where you rest, hot yet shivering, to fight a bug.
It can be your couch, your dining table, your desk, your cinema; your library, your house within a home.
It can transport you to other worlds and it can even come to represent your life.
Over the years, this place will inevitably move; grow; change. It is the shell to your hermit crab.
You might share it with someone else, with a dog keeping watch at the end or a cat selfishly stretched out in the middle.
But it will always be yours and there is, to paraphrase a shoe-clicking girl, no place like it.
You can be swaddled in blankets on taut, crisp sheets, or hidden under a bundle of feathers or fluff (I used to have a recurring dream where I walked around wrapped in a duvet - if only we could do this in real life).
In winter it can be torturous leaving the place that you have spent hours making cosy.
In summer you can lay on top of it cooly, eyes closed, in a sunbeam coming through the window.
It will comfort you after a long, hard day (I do occasionally have them) teamed with food, tea and maybe some trash TV.
Though my current bed squeaks and the mattress springs have long sprung, it's hard to beat.
And one day I will really be able to make it the best.
As my granny used to say: you should always spend good money on your shoes and bed because if you're not in one you're in the other...
Without wanting to sound too lazy, thankfully for me it tends towards the latter.


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