One Last Bite

When you have a brush with death (even if it is a subconscious and fictitious one) it can make you think about a lot of things - what you've done in your life; what you still want to do; the places you want to visit and the people you've met so far. It can also make you think about how you might, if given the chance, spend your last day on Earth...and for me that includes what I might eat. 
Some people can probably sum up their lives in just one dish - something that reminds them of when they were little, of their mum or dad, or is something they make every week.
But being both greedy and indecisive, it would be too hard for me to choose just one last meal
I would have to have a whole day of feasting to fit everything in - things I eat regularly, things that remind me of people and of places and things (mainly sweet) that I just couldn't spend my last day without. And it would go a little something like this:

Pancakes with maple syrup and crispy smoked bacon
Strawberry Pop Tarts
Cereal (probably Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Golden Grahams or even humble Bran Flakes)
Cold leftover pizza
A smooth, frothy, biscuity latte

Tea and biscuits (bourbons, Toffypops, rich teas, chocolate digestives, Party Rings)

Chicken fajitas
Sticky toffee pudding
Salted caramel ice cream in wafer oysters

Flying saucers, Lovehearts, strawberry pencils, Mini Eggs (even just to smell the tube) a Wispa Gold and something involving peanut butter  

Afternoon tea
(beef sandwiches, smoked salmon on potato cakes
millionaire shortbread, brownies, lemon posset) 

Roast chicken, gravy, roast potatoes, polenta mash and bread sauce
Pralines and cream and strawberry cheesecake Häagen-Dazs
Frozen berries with hot white chocolate sauce
Caithness Chocolate caramel butter truffles
Prosecco, red wine, Old Pulteney Liqueur on ice

A bacon bagel (with bagel dipped in bacony pan juices) and ketchup
Chip-shop chips soaked with vinegar

Thick, sweet hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows

One last cup of tea


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