We always want to wait for the right time, place, moment to do, say or start something - and no more so than at New Year. Usually though these don't exist and you just have to try to dive in and get on with things; life has a habit of moving on.
I have no plans for Hogmanay, no resolutions for New Year, no new goals to set myself really (apart from maybe clear out my wardrobe). 
I do intend though to start 2015 fresh-faced: free of a hangover and hopefully a little more focused. 
The end of a year does bring the opportunity to reflect on what has happened and, more helpfully, what you've enjoyed. Here, for what it's worth, is what I have...

Favourite wake-up:

Favourite reads:

Favourite eats:


Favourite place:

Favourite voices:


Favourite views:

 Favourite Vitamin D boost:

Favourite present:

Favourite snaps:


Favourite pick-me-up:



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