Yes | No | Maybe

The Scottish Referendum is like a screaming child - seemingly everywhere, lacking clear communication, and you just kinda want it to be quiet and go away.
And another televised debate is making it louder.
I didn't see the first one (though apparently I didn't miss much) and could tolerate just a few minutes of the one last night - I have a low threshold for the petulant prodding and question-dodging typical of politicians. Why did Salmond keep stepping out in front of his podium to address the audience? And Alistair Darling just reminds me of The Muppets' Sam the Eagle.
With only a few weeks left before the big day, everyone will be trying to get their points across, but I am afraid I have yet to make up my mind.
To say No (or a polite No Thanks) can feel negative and defeatist - why would you not want independence, more control? Countries have waged wars and revolted for it and here we can just tick a box.
Saying yes might feel risky, but with that can come reward - as Dr Pepper would say, "What's the worst that can happen?"
But it's hard to strongly identify with that camp either - saying Yes feels like getting caught up in nationalism, and, as happy as I am to be Scottish and appreciate all the country has, I just wouldn't really say I have a strong affinity with the country as a whole, or for that matter any so-called higher power or organisation. I am, as cliched or trite as it sounds, an individual.
We already have a lot of our own laws, our own education system and a different way of buying houses, and what about currency and oil and taxes?
There are Yes stickers, posters and badges all over Edinburgh, yet the vast majority of people I have spoken to about the Referendum will be voting No.
I am by nature an indecisive fence-sitter - maybe it is because I am a balance and justice-seeking Libran (not that I necessarily subscribe to that sort of thing) - able to see both sides of an argument.
When the day comes I am tempted to just close my eyes and scribble on the ballot paper - to play a sort of political Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Will there be an "I don't know, stop asking me" box to tick? I am becoming like that screaming child full of uncertainty - but all I want is to just have a big nap...


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