Twenty's Plenty - an Edinburgh Food Day

There always seems to be some kind of report going around about the "Fear of Missing Out" - articles explaining how social media posts (Facebook in particular) about other people's holidays / families / houses are making us feel inadequate / inferior / unfulfilled. I have to say Facebook seems mostly full of rubbish these days, and I like Twitter for finding out things and harassing - I mean networking with - people (and I can filter out anything that doesn't interest me).
Instagram however, is another story. Obviously it's my own fault - following fancy travel magazines that post pictures of quaint French villages and turquoise infinity pools under sun-hot skies; cooks who snap baking in artfully-cluttered kitchens; and other random people who lead seemingly more exciting lives in more exciting places.
One particular person is clerkenwellboyec1 - a well-known "foodie" and prolific Instagram-er who has what looks like an enviable life of nonstop eating, cocktailing, travelling and partying. There have been a few times when I've felt I actually just need to unfollow him - after seeing another envy-inducing shot of fat doughnuts from Bread Ahead bakery at London's Borough Market; or of the market itself;  or of a sunlit cocktail sipped from somewhere high up in the buzz of the City...
But I needed to remind myself that Edinburgh can compete too, and I was inspired by an Instagram post of Clerkenwellboy's that related to a piece for Time Out London on having a "perfect food day out for less than £20."
And so I've created a similar food day - except I've managed to squeeze in some ice cream as well (two scoops!). I wouldn't want you missing out...

Clockwise from top-left: start the day with a chorizo burrito at Milk on Morrison Street (£4.40); then take a stroll to Twelve Triangles for elevenses (doughnut £2.20); fill your face at lunchtime with pulled pork from Oink (£3.95); then head down the street to scoop up some gelato from Mary's Milk Bar* (£3); finish the day with a bacon cheese burger from, appropriately enough, Burger (£5.45). Total: £19.

*Kill two birds with one stone on Fridays when you can go to Mary's Milk Bar to have a Twelve Triangles doughnut sandwiched with a scoop of gelato: too much of a good thing can be wonderful... 


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